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Our Mission

At Perseus Wealth, our mission is to build the optimal framework for achieving our client’s financial goals. The best way to do that is to give them the right advice, a good plan, and uniquely appropriate tools. Through the combination of these resources, we believe you can not only achieve your financial objectives but do so in the most efficient and easiest manner possible.

Our Primary Purpose

We invite you to discover and experience the power of our services. We believe it has far-reaching benefits for our clients to get opinions from several sources with diverse backgrounds, education, and experience.

No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets our undivided attention—from planning to execution to follow-up. We take a proactive approach to helping you develop a strategy to address your financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available.

Recognizing that everyone encounters challenges along the way, we strive to anticipate and address those situations as they occur. We want to keep you on track toward a meaningful and purpose-driven financial future.

We invite you to check out all the material on our website. If something prompts a question, please send us a quick email or call our office. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our Philosophy

As we serve our clients long-term, we begin to think of them as family. In the same way, we have our family’s best interest in mind; we have your best interest, too. For that reason, we have earned the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation, meaning we abide by the fiduciary standard of care at all times. This is a promise that we act solely in our client’s best interest when offering advice or making financial decisions. While the advice we do offer is personalized and tailored to each client’s unique vision, there are some general principles that we believe in and apply universally. These include:

Client Centered
  • Evaluating your risk management needs, tax planning options, and investment strategies BEFORE making any lifestyle decisions.
  • Periodically reviewing your progress to be sure you stay on course to your dream financial destination.
  • Keeping our clients educated on the latest and best investment, tax, and planning ideas.
  • Giving clients full disclosure, in advance, of any and all fees, charges, and commissions.
  • Providing timely, complete, and accurate information to your advisors so that they may help you make informed decisions.

Why Perseus Wealth?

For centuries thousands of the finest Greek soldiers and warriors had attempted the task of conquering Medusa and failed. They were all turned to stone with no way to move forward or modify their strategies. Perseus, the young son of a poor fisherman, was challenged to become the exception. His singular success came from a combination of specially crafted tools, expert advice, and strength of will. Applying the combination of all three led to his ultimate success.

Client Centered

How does the story of Perseus relate to our clients? Accumulating the wealth necessary to satisfy your lifetime goals requires conquering a minefield of obstacles: reducing taxes, achieving consistent and realistic investment returns, managing risk, adjusting to constantly changing circumstances, et al. It is not uncommon for people to pursue their dreams but find themselves “frozen” short of achieving them due to a lack of preparation, getting expert advice or having the proper tools. At Perseus Wealth, our goal is to provide you the tools, strategies, and advice to help you eliminate the hurdles in your path and achieve your definition of success.

Community Impact

Perseus Wealth has a tradition of having our clients nominate the charities that resonate most strongly with them. At the end of each year, selected charities then receive a donation from Perseus Wealth, in our client’s name, to benefit those of most concern to our clients and “pay it forward”.

Client Centered

We hope this illustrates our commitment to making lives better in our community, which is why we pursued financial planning in the first place. Being a financial advisor means being a friend to those in pursuit of freedom and stability. Charitable donations are an extension of this practice. They represent our belief that doing what’s best for others is in our best interest.

The feeling of fulfillment we get from knowing our help has made another person’s life easier is something we would love to share with you, which is why donating to charity will continue to be a part of our mission and objective at Perseus Wealth.

Our Team

John F. Mullen II, CFP®, CLU

LPL Registered Principal




John has forty-eight years in the financial service industry with experience in stock option and restricted stock planning, qualified and nonqualified retirement plan design, employee benefits coordination, business structure, and...

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Sean P. Mullen

LPL Financial Advisor




Sean joined the team at Perseus Wealth in 2015, bringing with him over 8 years of experience in the informatics and financial industries working for large Healthcare Management and retail Banking firms. Sean’s passion is...

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