Community Impact

Client Centered

Perseus Wealth has a tradition of having our clients nominate the charities that resonate most strongly with them. At the end of each year, selected charities then receive a donation from Perseus Wealth, in our client’s name, to benefit those of most concern to our clients and “pay it forward”. 

We hope this illustrates our commitment to making lives better in our community, which is why we pursued financial planning in the first place. Being a financial advisor means being a friend to those in pursuit of freedom and stability. Charitable donations are an extension of this practice. They represent our belief that doing what’s best for others is in our best interest.  

The feeling of fulfillment we get from knowing our help has made another person’s life easier is something we would love to share with you, which is why donating to charity will continue to be a part of our mission and objective at Perseus Wealth. 

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