Why Perseus Wealth?

For centuries thousands of the finest Greek soldiers and warriors had attempted the task of conquering Medusa and failed. They were all turned to stone with no way to move forward or modify their strategies. Perseus, the young son of a poor fisherman, was challenged to become the exception. His singular success came from a combination of specially crafted tools, expert advice, and strength of will. Applying the combination of all three led to his ultimate success.

How does the story of Perseus relate to our clients? Accumulating the wealth necessary to satisfy your lifetime goals requires conquering a minefield of obstacles: reducing taxes, achieving consistent and realistic investment returns, managing risk, adjusting to constantly changing circumstances, et al. It is not uncommon for people to pursue their dreams but find themselves “frozen” short of achieving them due to a lack of preparation, getting expert advice or having the proper tools. At Perseus Wealth, our goal is to provide you the tools, strategies, and advice to help you eliminate the hurdles in your path and achieve your definition of success.

At Perseus Wealth, our mission is to create the optimal framework for you, as our client, to achieve your most important goals, your “heroic deeds.” We believe that with the right advice, a good plan and uniquely appropriate tools, anything is possible.

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